Changes to the Drop Out Age

One of the key performance goals of Coaching for Change, Inc is to encourage and empower students to complete high school, leveraging their opportunities for future success. According to a recent study, college graduates make 84% more than high school graduates. Success in college and in career relies on students graduating from high school.
In March 2012, Massachusetts Joint Commission on Education recommended a bill that would raise the legal drop out age from 16 to 18. But, does making an act illegal actually solve the problem? In a response from the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education:

Engaging students in learning so they are prepared for further training and gainful employment should be the goal of any dropout prevention initiative.  MBAE supports recommendations that build on evidence of what works – such as early warning systems that identify students at risk and interventions for these students that keep them on track to graduation.  According to Civic Enterprise’s Silent Epidemic, nearly 70% of dropouts were not motivated to work hard and two-thirds would have worked harder if more was demanded of them.  Over 80% said their chances of staying in school would have increased if classes were more interesting and provided opportunities for real-world learning.   Making it illegal for youth under age 18 to dropout of school will not address this reality.  MBAE supports action that will.

Coaching for Change, Inc has taken an innovative approach to making education relevant, particularly to students who are disillusioned by our education system. While education reform takes a coordinated effort — one in which the best interest of the students and the diverse learning styles of our students is central to learning — we provide ways for students to connect to their classes, lessons, and material. By creating micro-enterprises and businesses that are dependent on the students’ understanding and application of English, history, psychology, and mathematics as well as communication, leadership, and organization, our Game Changers must use a holistic approach to education in order to be successful. Our Game Changers must work together and apply all of these lessons and skills in order to create successful sporting events. They see the programs from start to finish, learn how to work as a team, and create business plans for each event. Their success depends on their learning; and their learning depends on their success.
At Coaching for Change, Inc., we believe that we cannot force students to learn. Rather, we must show them how learning connects to their personal interests, success, and futures.
Coaching today, the leaders of tomorrow.

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