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Coaching For Change, Inc. believes it is time to approach the educational process differently.   One of the ways we do this is by taking our students out of their local environment and exposing them to different types of communities, sports, opportunities, and leadership scenarios. We teach kids about how human environments shape and influence actions and interactions. And they get to see, first hand, the ways in which environments and communities are both similar and different to their own.

This past Saturday, the Game Changers had the opportunity to work with Community Rowing, Inc.  at the “Let’s Row Boston, Youth Indoor Rowing Event”.   For many of them, it was their first time at CRI and rowing on the water. The Game Changers met other kids from the community and also saw the impact that rowing has on the lives of others.  By taking our students to the Let’s Row event, we helped them apply the lessons about leadership, supportive risk-taking, professionalism and sports, and put it all into action. At Coaching For Change, we are all about making our classroom lessons come to life!

One of the powerful conversations we’ve been having with our teens is the connection between planning and doing. Sometimes, even when we do everything in our plan,  life still turns out unexpectedly. Like many other kids, our Game Changers believe if they work hard, get good grades, graduate high school, and graduate college they will have a successful life. As we talked, I asked them questions that challenged the notion of “if I work hard, it’ll just happen.” Our students began to understand that we need to prepare for our futures by preparing for the complexities of life. We need to learn to adapt to — and challenge — obstacles in our way. By working through different scenarios, our Game Changers are learning to overcome hurdles, develop important leadership skills, and practice the lessons they have learned.

Coaching For Change recognizes adolescence as a powerful time period for young people to develop skills that teach them to take action.  We provide youth the unique ability to organize in order to achieve a goal.   We turn theory into practice, think critically about our lives and our contributions, and develop a better understanding of those both different and similar to ourselves. Coaching For Change provides a safe environment for young people to experiment with their definitions of leadership, with their desire to be positive community members, and seek ways to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Together, we are changing the game. 



One thought on “PLANNING AND DOING

  1. Brenda Balenger says:

    Hey Marquis –
    Congratulations on a successful event. You are teaching adaptation to go along with persistence and determination to the Game Changers. What valuable skills! Please let me know if I can help.

    Brenda Balenger
    IRL Fellow

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