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Name: Marquis
Role at C4C: Founder/Executive Director 
Why are you involved with C4C?:  When I was traveling to the Mississippi Delta two years ago, I was overwhelmed with the amount of poverty and  social disparities that could be found in America.  As I took a deeper look into education and grew frustrated with the experience young people living in urban communities were having both in school and in their community.  This frustration lead me to the question: How can we use sports to educate?
Favorite sport:  Basketball…I have grown up loving the game but now my passion is for the opportunity the game has presented to me and others.

Favorite song:    This probably changes by the hour because it all depend on the mood I am in.  My top 5 are:
1.  I Need-Maverick Sabre
2.  Blue Jeans-Yasmeen
3.  Stop This Train-John Mayer
4.  Murder to Excellence-Jay Z and Kanye West
5.  Airplanes-B.oB., Hayley Williams, and Eminem

Favorite subject in high school: Calculus and Algebra–their was always a right and wrong answer!

First job: My first paying job was as a student at the NAVAL ACADEMY PREP SCHOOL (NAPS) as a NAPSter back in 2001-2002!
Favorite book: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Most embarrassing college moment:   I was starting a basketball game my sophomore year and completely forgot to up on my jersey.  I did not realize it until the announcer called my name and I took off my warm-up…it was embarrassing because I had to run straight to the locker room to get my jersey which delayed the game…

“When I grow up ….”: I want to be the Secretary of Education because  I think it would be cool to live in Washington D.C. and work with the President while reforming and influencing educational policy.

“Education is…” a great way to inspire young people to think.  It is the only way people can begin making sense of the world they live in and find their way in it.

“Coaching for Change is …”  connects and mentors young people in a nontraditional way to increase community engagement and increase young peoples awareness and knowledge of their potential.

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