Meet Pete

Name: Pete Berman
Role at C4C: Director of Operations
Director of Operations

Director of Operations

 Why are you involved with C4C?:
This is a bit of a loaded question, but in summary there are 2 main reasons I am involved with C4C.
1) I love basketball (and most sports). I strongly believe the power of basketball and other sports stretches far beyond physical activity and learned technical skills. Sports have the power to bridge international divides, teach leadership skills, and to develop social skills and meaningful relationships.
2) I always despised sitting through school classes, and see this as my opportunity to help build a curriculum that will be widely accepted by all. It can be argued that education is the key to success, but it’s hard to accept the common methods of educating as sufficient. At C4C we push the boundaries of education to create relatable material and interactive learning experiences with opportunities to apply all learned skills and concepts. I feel strongly about the idea of continual growth and learning, and see an opportunity to create a program and system that is constantly evolving and growing to best suit those we serve. When there are so many kids dropping out, failing out, and coasting through school with very little effort, it can’t always be the blamed on the student. At some point we as educators need figure out what we can do to make our lessons more impactful and effective, while creating a positive, inviting and inclusive atmosphere.
Favorite sport: Basketball
Favorite song:  
Favorite song changes weekly, maybe even daily. Two of my all time favorite artists are Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.
Favorite subject in high school: 
Dictators (history) + Memoirs (writing)
First job: 
 My first job in high school was working 9 hours per week at Sudbury Extended Day working with the Kindergarten age group. I was 16 then. Once I graduated from college, my first adult job was Co-Director of a summer basketball day camp at St. Agnes of Bohemia on the south side of Chicago.

Favorite book/movie: 
Book – Outliers by Malcom Gladwell ; Movies – Wedding Crashers / Good Will Hunting
Most embarrassing high school moment: 
 I am having a hard time pin-pointing a specific embarrassing high school moment. Clearly, I did a good job blocking most of it out. However, I do remember walking into a doorway (or 4) while my focus was fixed on the pretty girls around me. As you can imagine, it drew some good laughs.
“When I grow up ….”:
 When I grow up I want to find a way to positively impact the lives of everyone around me through laughter, learning, and the game of basketball.
“Education/Basketball/Coaching is…” (pick one)
 Basketball is the greatest game ever invented. It combines athletic prowess, with grace and carefully skilled movements, while requiring sportsmanship, effective leadership and teamwork to be truly successful. When played properly, Basketball is both beautiful and inspiring.
“Coaching for Change is …” 
Coaching For Change is my vehicle for success. C4C combines two of my biggest passions, basketball and education, which means that I get to wake up every day and go to work doing something that I love to do.  When faced with the choice between happiness and monetary wealth, I am only fulfilled if I am happy. Luckily, C4C provides me with a constant state of happiness.

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